Feb 21 2012

Ainslot.L – malware warning

Author: Andie Evans

A new malware called Ainslot.L has been reported. This bot is designed to log user activities, download additional malware and take control of the system.

Ainslot.L acts as a banker Trojan, stealing log-in information related to banks. It also scans the computer looking for and removing other bots so that it becomes the only bot on the system.

It spreads in a fake email purporting to come from UK clothing company CULT. The message informs users that they have placed an order on CULT’s online store and the invoice amount will be charged to their credit card. The text includes a link to view the order, which actually downloads the bot onto the computer.

The malware infection removes other bots from the infected system, leaving the entire system to it’s mercy… One to watch out for!

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