Apr 12 2012

Apple having Flashback problems

Author: Andie Evans

Apple  is developing some software to remove a Trojan that is said to have infected more than half a million Mac computers.  They have said they are working with internet service providers to disrupt the command network being used by hackers to exploit the malware.

Trojans are infections that can expose a computers control to hackers.

Apple issued patches to help prevent the installation of the infection last week. The two security updates were released eight weeks after Java’s developer Oracle issued a fix for other computer systems. On their website they claim that have fixed a Java security flaw for the effected systems (OS X v10.7 and Mac OS X v10.6). They also suggested that users with earlier versions of the OS should disable Java in their browsers.

Apple has always promoted that Macs are largely free from viruses/malware due to the fact almost all malicious software is designed to exploit computers running on Microsoft Window, but clearly they are still vulnerable to Mac oriented attacks.

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